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Massage Handle

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The Effective Way to Eliminate body pain! 

Designed to Remove Pressure from Neck and Hamstrings!

Pain Relief

Naturally alleviate neck pain, hamstrings and head tension by deep tissue massage. The Massage Handle, is also great for your legs, arms, and even your back!

Massage Points

Deep-Massage Points target tender areas in the neck, lower head for maximum muscle relax and pressure relief. Also, relieves pain from other body parts.

Home relaxation

Just 10 minutes a day will put an end to the suffering at home. This device provides a soothing massage that induces relaxation and sleep.

Tired of having deep tension/tissue pain on your lower neck and hamstrings?

Worry no more our massage handle has you covered with all of your deep tissue pain and needs!

The Massage Handle Works By targeting those soft muscle points surrounding your neck! Our High Grade Rubber Ball Like design, softly and carefully pull and relieve your neck muscles. 

Quick and Gentle - Instant Pain Relief 

  • Deep massage on your necklegs and arms!

  • Can lower your blood pressure and help you relax

  • Massages down those tightly strained arms and legs after work or after a workout 

  • High grade A massage balls that are sweet to the skin and strong to the muscle 

  • Improves flexibility in your neck muscles 

"Easy to use, light and handy. I’m a physical therapist. I have purchased more than 10 of these for friends and family, recommend this to all my patients with neck pain."

- Dr. Jonathan. - Verified Buyer

What is a massage handle?

 A massage handle is a professionally engineered alternative to the chironeck. Our massage handle is built with high quality grade A massage balls that are gentle to the skin and soft to the touch. The massage handle was made to get that deeper massage in your neck that you just can't get or rub.

Why Is It Special?

Simple Yet Effective 

Helps in relieving neck and hamstrings pain.

Surprisingly convenient

Take it with you, anywhere you go! Made with soft squishy plush material to give you the highest of relief.

Body Massage at Home

The Massage Handle, is also great for your legs, arms, and even your back!

Durable & Sturdy

High Grade Rubber Ball Like design, softly and carefully pull and relieve your neck muscles. 

From our happy and well-rested customers


claimed that their neck soreness and headaches had reduced 2 weeks later, 


noticed that their tension in head and neck relieves over the day.


Finds Great value for a very firm pressure-point neck massage

Why Massage Handle?



Dr. Recommended

Risk Free Pain Relief at Home

Deeper massage

Design to Long-lasting

Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it support 200 pounds?

Our Chiroboard Back Stretcher is made from high quality materials that can hold up to 350 pounds with 4 different levels.

Is it Adjustable?

Yes it is Adjustable. You can adjust at any levels and any surface. 

Does having back issues relieved from this chiroboard?

Yes! Totally. For the best results, we advise spending 10 minutes once a day, although some people like to speed up the process by using the stretcher twice a day—once in the morning and once in the evening.

I don't have any back pain, can i still use it for stretching my back?

Our back stretcher is accessible to everyone. Use it to warm up before a workout or to relax after one, add it to your exercise routine, or just use it to keep your back flexible and in alignment!

How fast is shipping?

Our Free Shipping option at checkout typically takes 7-15 business days to arrive at your front door!