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A Simple Way to Relieve Back Pain & Improve Flexibility! 

Designed to Remove chronic back pain

14 Day Guaranteed Refund If Not Satisfied

Pain Relief

Naturally alleviate back pain, discomfort & tension caused by improper posture or a sedentary lifestyle. This pressure helps eliminate tension, & stress.


Your back will benefit greatly from different pressure levels in order to become flexible and allow your spine to fully stretch.

Home relaxation

Just 10 minutes a day will put an end to the suffering at home. This device provides a soothing massage that induces relaxation and sleep.

Tired of slouching all day, back aches, and bad posture, Our Chiroboard is for you!

  • Gives you a gentle satisfying stretch.

  • Gently corrects bad posture.

  • Painless and Non-toxic

  • Eco-Friendly and Reusable

Tired of bad posture? Used to “products” claiming to correct your posture? If yes, we have the product for you! The Chiroboard will ensure great stretches and better posture, without any hassle and ultimate convenience! 

Quick and Gentle - Correct bad posture and stretch your back in mere seconds. 

  • Relieved chronic back pain

  • Relieved muscle stiffness

  • Relieves nerve pain

  • Lower and upper muscle support

  • Corrects postural imbalances

  • Promotes relaxation according to the physiological curvature of your spine

  • Improves flexibility in your shoulder and back muscles 

"Finding a tool like Chiroboard to where you can stretch the back in a passive way and I love it because it has different levels of height so you can find different levels of intensity that works for you."

- Kyra John - Verified Buyer

What Is Chiroboard?

The Chiroboard® is equipped with a well designed structure to is both sturdy and gentle, capable of carrying over 250 plus pounds, while still maintaining it’s great attributes.

Why Is It Special?

Ergonomic Design

With our ergonomic design, you can stretch your back and correct your posture efficiently and quickly. 


No more bad “back devices” that claim to stretch your back. 

Suitable for All Body Parts

It is specifically designed to handle every body shape and type. 


All you have to do is lay your back down and stretch.

From our happy and well-rested customers


claimed that their back pain had reduced 30 days later, 


noticed that their posture had improved over the day.


Love starting their mornings by stretching with Chiroboard

Why Chiroboard?



Scientifically Tested

Risk Free Pain Relief at Home

4 - Level Included

Design to Long-lasting

Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it support 200 pounds?

Our Chiroboard Back Stretcher is made from high quality materials that can hold up to 350 pounds with 4 different levels.

Is it Adjustable?

Yes it is Adjustable. You can adjust at any levels and any surface. 

Does having back issues relieved from this chiroboard?

Yes! Totally. For the best results, we advise spending 10 minutes once a day, although some people like to speed up the process by using the stretcher twice a day—once in the morning and once in the evening.

I don't have any back pain, can i still use it for stretching my back?

Our back stretcher is accessible to everyone. Use it to warm up before a workout or to relax after one, add it to your exercise routine, or just use it to keep your back flexible and in alignment!

How fast is shipping?

Our Free Shipping option at checkout typically takes 7-15 business days to arrive at your front door!